Frequently asked questions

What can I do with this tool?

You can create a vector font from drawings, e.g. your handwriting.

How much does it cost?

This tool is for free, for private and commercial use.

Do I own the created fonts?

We don't claim any rights on the created fonts.
If you create a font without using another font, the resulting font will belong to you.
If you use another font as base font, it becomes more complicated. In this case you have to consider the licence of the base font. Only use fonts as base fonts where you are sure that you have all required rights.

I forgot to select a few characters or a character is faulty!

In this case you don't have to start from scratch. You only have to create a font with the missing or faulty characters. Then reuse the already created font as a base font ("Upload Form" > "Advanced Options" > "Base Font File"). The reused font will be extended with the new characters from the uploaded templates. If a character already exists in the reused font, it will be overwritten with the new character.

There is a large space before or after a character!

The reason could be a spot in the corresponding template cell. Remove this with a paint software and try uploading again. If you don't have a paint program, you could make a new template with only the faulty character and use the existing font file as a base font.

When I add a character to the Char Selection only a box or question mark is visible.

Your computer doesn't have a suitable font installed. Therefore your web browser can not display this character. But you still can proceed and create the template.

Do you support other output formats?

At the moment we only support TTF and OTF. If you need another output format we suggest you use

What is the technology behind uses amongst others fontforge and potrace as backend font tools.