If you prefer a video tutorial use one of the user generated tutorials on YouTube.

Create template(s)

As first step you choose which characters you want to have in your font. The selection process starts with a small selection (of characters) which suffices only for simple English texts.
After adding all required characters to the selection you can download and print out the template(s).
We offer two different formats: PDF and PNG. PDF is best suited, if you want to print out the template.
But you can use this service also without a printer or a scanner. Therefore download the template(s) as PNG and fill them out with a paint software.

Fill out the template

After printing out the template the next step is to fill it out, with your handwriting or other kind of drawings. Using a black, not too thin felt pen will achieve the best results. Don't draw over the designated cells.

Scan the templates

We recommend a grayscale scan. A color scan is also ok, but don't scan the template as a black and white monochrome image.
The scans don't have to be 100% straight, any skew will be corrected by our software. But it is important that they have the correct orientation (barcode in the upper right corner).
You can upload PDFs, TIFFs, PNGs or JPGs. For PDF and TIFF we support multipaged documents.

Upload templates

Select all your templates with the Upload Form.
Also enter an appropriate name for your font. Optionally, you can enter additional font metadata like family name and a copyright notice.
Finally select OTF or TTF as an output format. Which format is appropriate for you depends on your intended use. If you need another font format, you can still convert between formats with an online font converter.
Now you can start the font creation. Following you should see a preview of your font.

Use a base font

The Upload Form offers the possibility to specify a base font ("Advanced options"). Usually your font will be created from an empty font. But if you select a font file as a base font, the newly created characters will be added to the exisiting characters in the base font. This way you extend or alter an existing font. Please honor the EULA of a font if you use a foreign font as base font.

Install and use your font

The next steps depend on your intended use.
If you want to use the font in a text processing software, you usually have to install the font in your operating system. As this depends on your operating system and version it would go beyond the scope of this tutorial to explain every possibility. Please google "install font [operating system and version]".
If you want to use the font for your web presence, you have to convert the font to a web font. A detailed explanation would also go beyond the scope of this tutorial. Please google for "create webfont".