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PaintFont.com is a free online service for the easy creation of painted fonts.
With PaintFont.com you can convert drawings (e.g. your handwriting) into vector fonts and give your digital produced documents a personal touch again.
Create any number of fonts free of charge. All rights belong to you, the font creator.

Only three simple steps to your own font:

  1. Select the characters your font should contain.
  2. Print and fill out the template(s).
  3. And finally scan and upload your template(s).

For more information see our step-by-step instructions tutorial.

Select all characters you want to include into your font. To add a char you can
  • press a keyboard key to add character to the selection box
  • or add a predefined group of characters.
To remove a character from the selection click on the character.

Predefined group of characters

Selected Characters
All characters in this box will be included in the templates. To add a character press the corresponding key (combination) on your keyboard.

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Upload your templates as PDF (multipage supported), JPGs or PNGs.
Max. filesize for uploaded files is 5 MB.


Please honor the EULAs of your fonts. Only use fonts you are eligible for.

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